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Footy season is over and we kick off the last quarter of the year!

In our latest newsletter, we have included some tips on how business owners could reduce costs. If you earn money through ride-share or rent or hire your car to others, then our article enclosed is a must-read.

We take a look at the importance of guarding your super and not accessing it until you retire.

If you have always dreamt of starting a business, then we hope our article provides some useful tips and inspiration.

And, your keyboard is hiding some nasty surprises. We have included some tips for keeping your keyboard clean.

If you have any questions about any of the articles in our latest newsletter please contact this office on 9999 9999 or


Peter Talty

How to reduce costs

Cutting costs is arguably the quickest and easiest way to improve the profitability of your business. Introducing a cost-control system can bring immediate savings and ensure that you remain competitive in the longer term.


Are you sharing your car?

Peer to peer car sharing platforms are a popular way of making some extra money if you own a car. However, there are some important things to remember if you are renting or hiring your car to others.


Guard your super

Critical challenges for super fund members in the accumulation phase are to keep their savings intact and to keep adding to those savings when possible with voluntary contributions.


Minding your own business

Many of us dream of being our own boss and, with hard work and careful planning, self-employment can bring financial and lifestyle rewards - along with enormous personal satisfaction.


Do you know what's hidden in your keyboard?

As a writer, there is nothing more important to me than a good keyboard. Seeing as I spend all of my time typing, a keyboard with crisp action makes my life a lot easier.