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In our November newsletter, we start by looking at increasing the value of your business premises. We then look at the financial incentives offered by the government for hiring new employees.

With more people investing in cryptocurrency there is important information relating to record keeping for these transactions. And, do you run towards danger, or turn and flee in the face of fear? An interesting read on what separates the great investors from the rest of the pack.

Finally an article to help you remember those important phone numbers with a simple memory trick.

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Peter Talty

Boosting your business premises’ value

From a lick of paint to renting out rooms – 10 ideas on boosting the value of your own building.


Hiring new employees?

The Australian Government offers financial incentives to help you hire new staff.


Cryptocurrency and record keeping

It is vital to keep good records for all your transactions with cryptocurrency, whether you are using cryptocurrency as an investment, for personal use or in business. You need to keep the following records in relation to your cryptocurrency transactions:


How do you behave in the face of fear?

How do you behave in the face of fear? Do you run towards danger, or turn and flee?


One memorable way to remember stuff

Have you ever said to yourself, “That’s a great idea, I don’t need to write it down,” only to regret your decision within 17.7 seconds? Here's a quick, easy way to remember names, numbers and everyday information.